Upcoming Handmade Themes & Kickstarter update

September 22, 2023

We wanted to give a heads up on what Becca is planning to sculpt for the next little bit. If you were waiting for a specific theme, this will help you plan for which sales you might be interested in.

Handmade Sculpture Launch Times

Going forward, we will be launching all handmade sculpture sales at 5 pm MDT on Friday to keep the release times more consistent. These will happen roughly every other week. Auctions run for 3 days. Chance to Buy forms will be open for 18 hours. Pre-Order sculptures will happen as Becca finishes the previous batch and will use the chance to buy release time.

All times displayed in MDT

Handmade Auction Sculptures (3 Days)
Start on Friday @ 5 pm
End on Monday @ 5 pm

Chance to Buy & Pre-Order Sculptures (18 hours)
Opens on Friday @ 5 pm
Closes on Saturday @ 11 am

We will also send the newsletter and announce these on social media on Fridays. Good luck on the next one!

Next Sculpture sale:
September 29th

Upcoming Sculpture Themes

A (Auction) | CTB: (Chance to Buy)

September 29th
Halloween Candy | Trick or Treat
CTB: Candy Corn Dragons

October 13th
Halloween Spookies (Witches, ghosties, hell hounds, bat dragon, etc)
CTB: Little Witches

October 27th
Autumn Leaves
CTB: baby leaf dragons

November 17th
Rainbow, dice dragons, maybe Christmas
CTB: key dragons

December 1st
Black rainbow, other rainbow, galaxy
CTB: mini rainbows or rainbow candy canes

December 15th
Winter and snow
CTB: Baby snowflakes

We'll update the handmade sculpture page with future themes but please keep in mind that these are just Becca's ideas right now and any of these could change at any time.

Follow us on social media (FB | IG) to see what she is working on and come join us on Twitch on Tuesdays @ 1 pm MDT for her live stream!

Kickstarter Update

We need a little more time to get the sample just right and have decided to postpone our next Kickstarter until that is ready. We'll post another update when we are ready to launch this. Due to the busy holiday season approaching we expect this to launch in early 2024.

Have a great weekend and good luck for the next handmade sale!

-Dragons and Beasties