Becca Golins

Becca (DABS) is the master sculptress and creator of Dragons and Beasties. Her brain basically runs on dragons, which pairs beautifully with her passion for sculpting! She started DB solo back in March 2010 and built up an intensely loyal fanbase for her handmade sculptures over the years. Being able to branch out into vinyls is a dream come true for Becca, who often lamented not being able to make enough to meet demand by herself. Now, every single vinyl figure is molded from an original handmade sculpture to preserve a touch of that handmade feel she is so well known for. When she’s not doing mom things with her little one, Ember, she spends her time either drawing or sculpting new creatures. There are seemingly endless dragons in Becca’s head so having a team to help handle all business aspects has really freed her up to simply create! She is an open book about techniques and her process so for any questions related to that, please check out the Sculpture & Art FAQs.


Matt Golins

Matt, affectionately known as Mr. Beastie by our fans, is Becca’s husband and manager. He joined the DB Crew at the end of 2018 and has helped propel the brand to incredible new heights! He wears many hats (pretty sure one of them is a viking helmet) and handles the day to day business side of things. When he’s not keeping Becca (who distracts easily) on track, he’s answering emails, making phone calls, and generally working on growing the brand. Matt has worked in the video game and graphic design world for well over a decade, most notably for Blizzard Entertainment on World of Warcraft. Matt now uses these skills to design all of our product packaging! Together Matt and Becca make a pretty perfect creative dynamic duo, and they both enjoy building this business together.



Kristi Christensen

Kristi (aka Reese) is Becca’s sister and life-long best friend. They’re basically the same person only swap all the dragons in Becca’s head with a serious gift for numbers and analytics, and that’s Reese! She, like Matt, wears many hats and is our resident chaos wrangler. Give her a problem to solve or a task to tackle and she will 100% figure it out. She and Matt work closely, often divvying up tasks to divide and conquer. She also has quite the creative mind helping with brainstorming sessions and critique. She does all of our product photography as well! She’s an invaluable, versatile asset to the DB crew.



Steve Polakoff

Steve is our business partner. He has a truly insane gift for numbers and is basically a walking calculator! He’s been part of many businesses over the years so he brings valuable life experience as well as connections to the DB team. Steve is a busy, busy guy but he loves being part of DB and helping us brainstorm awesome new ideas and plans for the future. If we ever have a business question or want to try something new, you can bet Steve’s “got a guy” for that!


Heather Velte

Heather (Xay) is our customer service and shop wizard! She helps with order issues, emails, and assists with social media engagement. She works closely with Reese and also moderates for Becca’s live streams. She’s got all the lists, all the links, and helps keep Becca on task with whatever she’s supposed to be doing. She’s our all around helper who goes where she is needed most each day. When she’s not doing DB stuff, she enjoys gaming, crafting, and especially doting on her two delightfully fluffy cats.