Lucky Wish Dragon Blind Bag Sculptures

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New sales will be roughly every other week. Auctions run for 4 days. Chance to Buy sign up form opens for 20 hours.

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Handmade Auction Sculptures (4 Days)
Start on Thursday @ 5 pm
End on Monday @ 4 pm

Chance to Buy & Pre-Order Sculptures (20 hours)
Opens on Thursday @ 5 pm
Closes on Friday @ 1 pm


Chance to Buy sculptures can range from roughly $70 - $200.

Pre-Order sculptures can range from $150 - $300.

Auction Sculptures typically go for $300+

Our website offers payment in installments with Sezzle and ShopPay at checkout for all handmade sculptures.


While we do ship worldwide, shipping can be expensive and customs are a possibility. International customers are responsible for any customs charges, please factor these potential additional costs when purchasing.

One Per Customer

Due to the rarity of these handmade items, we ask please only one item per customer per sale.

Upcoming Handmade Sculpture Themes

A (Auction) | CTB: (Chance to Buy)

April 25th
CTB: Cookie Rats

To Be Announced

We'll update this page as things change but please keep in mind that these are just Becca's ideas right now and any of these could change at any time.