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Deluxe Plush

Available Black Friday (11/25 @ 12:01 AM MT)

Your favorite book loving dragon is on his way in a huge cuddly plush.

Zen, the loyal, book-loving rainbow dragon will happily guard your treasure trove while you’re away, soaking in the knowledge of each beautiful story on the shelf. He rarely leaves his post, but when you return, he’ll happily curl up on your shoulder to read alongside or take a well-deserved nap in your pocket.


Glow in the Dark Enamel Pin

Available Black Friday (11/25 @ 12:01 AM MT)

Mrowley loves all things spooky and sets the Jack o' Lanterns a'glowing as he walks. But 'ware the light of the moon on a Halloween night when you hear the meowl of a transformation. This Dracaton is a werecaton, and changes shape just one night a year—the perfect night, for a bigger tummy means more candy can be eaten!

Ox Zodiac

Zodiac Series Enamel Pin

Available Black Friday (11/25 @ 12:01 AM MT)

A new zodiac is almost here! This will be the second enamel pin to join the zodiac series.


Enamel Pin

Available Black Friday (11/25 @ 12:01 AM MT)

You can keep your fancy cat beds and your plush abodes. Fitz finds perfection in the cardboard domiciles known as 'boxes'. Big box? Check. Medium box? Of course. Shoe box? Well, maybe, with some wiggling. But as long as he is Fitz, he will sits!


Enamel Pin

Available Black Friday (11/25 @ 12:01 AM MT)

Pounce is a loyal companion for any gamer, ready, willing, and able to help keep their dice safe until they're ready to make that saving roll. He loves a good adventure and while he can't help fight those ogres directly or stop a wizard from throwing a fireball at every problem, he can keep any gamer's most valuable weapon, their die, within reach at all times.

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Yin & Yang

Enamel Pin Set

Available Early 2023

Opposites attract, and Yin and Yang will attest to that. The best of friends but the most polar of opposites, somehow they always find harmony. Yin is fierce and feisty, claws and pounces, ready to roll. Yang is sweet and gentle, pets and purrs, ready to cuddle. They bring out the best in each other, as best friends should.

More to come!

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