Introducing New Monthly Releases!

Introducing New Monthly Releases!

Introducing New Monthly Releases!

We are going to be making some changes to how we deliver new products to you. Producing figures, pins, and plushies will still be our primary goal. However, those take time to produce so we want it to be exciting to come back to the website for new things more often! Starting in May, we'll be introducing new monthly releases.  

What can you expect with monthly releases?
The first Wednesday of each month at 10 am MT, we'll release a new batch of products. These could be a mix of but not limited to the following types of items:

  • Print on Demand items (only available in the US, for now)
  • Sticker Packs (available worldwide)
  • Digital Coloring Packs (available for download)
  • Miscellaneous digital items (available for download)

These items will only be available for that month or while supplies last for the sticker packs. The monthly releases will also feature a brand new piece of art from Becca.

Upcoming Website Changes

At the end of the day on May 4th, around 10 pm MT, we'll be taking down ALL print on demand items. Some of the more popular items could return in a future release but there is no guarantee! Make sure you pick up whatever you were looking for before May 4th!!

Our figures, pins, plushies, and diamond paintings remain unchanged and are always available as stock allows.

Look for some more information about what to expect from the individual items.

Print on Demand Items
New designs will be added to mugs, tote bags, mouse pads and more, like we have done in the past. These are currently only available in the US but we are looking into ways to allow our international customers to purchase these in the future. With these monthly releases, we'll also bring back select classics and  seasonal items that we've had in the past. These will be only be available during that month.

Sticker Packs
These will be a number of high quality vinyl stickers sold as a pack. They could include special holographic variants and could possibly be a mystery pack. These will be available while supplies last and won't be restocked.

Digital Items
These will be smaller coloring packs featuring both new and older unreleased art from Becca. These will only be available during that month.

Miscellaneous digital items
This will include items like wallpapers for your desktop or phone, social media banners, and avatar images to help express your inner beastie. These will only be available during that month.

Why are we doing this?
We feel like our website has a lot of products to choose from currently, which can be good, but also can cause decision paralysis when too many options are given. We want to make it exciting to have something to look forward to each  month with new fresh items, alongside some older favorites popping back up.

Future Figures, Pins, and Plushies
These are still the primary product for our business and we will continue to make and produce these as quickly as we can and these will become available as we get them into our warehouse like they have before.

This is something new we are trying so we may experiment or change things and we'd love any feedback you have. Be on the look out for a newsletter in a couple weeks with a preview of our first round of releases for May. 

Sneak Peek for May

To top off all this information on new and exciting releases for Dragons and Beasties... here's a sneak peek on the art for May, Borealis! 

 Borealis Dragon

Until next time, please enjoy!

-Dragons and Beasties