August 30, 2023

We wanted to give everybody a heads up for our next eBay sale along with a new method for selling our smaller blind bag handmade sculptures on our site that should help with people not being able to checkout fast enough before they sell out.

Don't miss out on our upcoming Labor Day Flash Sale on September 4th, see details below.

Scarf dragons up for eBay auction - Friday Sept 1st

These adorable fall and winter ready dragons are coming soon to eBay on Friday September 1st, and these auctions only last 3 days! Our eBay page will be empty until the sculptures go live at 6 pm MDT

Save eBay Page Now

Introducing "Chance to Buy"

With "Chance to Buy" we are trying to solve the problem of starting a checkout with a handmade sculpture only to attempt to finalize the purchase and be told that the item is out of stock.

Here is how it will work:

  1. At sale time, a sign up form will appear on our handmade sculptures page.
  2. You will have 10 minutes to sign up for a "Chance to Buy"
  3. After those 10 minutes, we will randomly draw from the interested customers and send them an invoice to checkout with that sculpture.
  4. If chosen, you will have 30 minutes to complete your checkout with that invoice.
  5. If checkout is not completed in that time, we will cancel that invoice and draw another customer.

This is a bit of an experiment but we think this will be pretty fair and we can iterate on how this works so please give us any feedback.

Next Handmade Blind Bag Sale:
September 2nd @ 10 am MDT

Little Scarf Dragons

Becca is still working on a few more for this blind bag. This sale will feature the "Chance to Buy" method we mentioned above.

The sign up form will go live September 2nd at 10 AM MDT and will be open for 10 minutes.

Please bookmark the Handmade Sculpture page

Handmade Sculpture Page


September 4th

Buy 2, Get 1 Half Price!

Mix and match any figures, pins, and plushies.

*Fitz and Scribble are excluded from this deal and will not be available during this sale.

*The discount code always discounts the cheapest item of the three and our website doesn't allow multiple codes per order.

Have a great weekend and good luck for the next handmade sale!

-Dragons and Beasties