September 8, 2023

We wanted to thank everybody for their feedback on our new "Chance to Buy" method we used for our last handmade sculpture sale. While it's a little more work on our part, the overwhelmingly positive feedback makes it a huge win. We have a few changes to how that will work below, mostly small iterations on timing windows.

Check below for information on the next handmade dragon sculpture sale coming up on 9/9 and the release date for the Mystery Box!

Introducing Handmade Pre-Orders

We currently sell Becca's limited sculptures in a few ways. The larger and more intricate sculptures are put up for auction on eBay and smaller batches of dragons are sold as a random blind bag on our website.

We are adding something new, a pre-order handmade sculpture. This will be a limited number of dragon sculptures (sometimes with multiple color options) that will be made and sent out in batches as Becca creates them. They will be a higher price than the smaller blind sculptures but not as high as the eBay sculptures tend to go. These will go out at some point within 3-6 weeks from the sale date so please note that delivery time if trying to secure one of these as a timely gift. We will be using the "Chance to Buy" method for these pre-orders.

We do also offer both Sezzle and Shop Pay as payment options at checkout that allow you to pay in installments. Those are available for any of our orders, including those lucky enough to secure one of these sculptures.

Becca's handmade sculptures will always be a limited release as there is no real way for her to meet the demand for the unique handmade sculptures. We hope this new method helps more people secure their very own sculpture.

We've got a few updates in regards to timing of our "Chance to Buy" sales.

Chance to Buy Updates:

  1. At sale time, a sign up form will appear on our handmade sculptures page.
  2. You will have 1 hour to sign up for a "Chance to Buy"
  3. After that 1 hour, we will randomly draw from the interested customers and Notify them via email that they won the chance to buy that sculpture
  4. Within the next 1-2 hours after that, the winners will get an invoice via email allowing them to checkout with that sculpture on our store.
  5. If chosen, you will have 24 hours from the start of the sale to complete your checkout with that invoice.
  6. If checkout is not completed in that time, we will cancel that invoice and draw another customer.
  7. We will update the handmade sculpture page when all sculptures have been claimed.

We also want to note that we are imposing a 2 entries per household limit to discourage people making multiple accounts and emails for a better chance.

Check out the Pre-Order Dragons below and good luck!

Next Pre-Order Sculpture Sale

September 9th @ 10 am MDT

"Chance to Buy" closes at 11 am MDT

Price: $300

handmade sculpture page

The Mystery Box is Almost Here!!!

You can finally secure your Mystery Box on September 13th @ 10 am MDT.

We have a few things to note regarding the Mystery Box.

  • All boxes contain the same items, these are not a blind bag item.
  • This box weighs 2 lbs. which means shipping can be a bit more. This also means that international customers can only order one at a time due to the USPS weight limit restriction on international shipping.
  • The Mystery Box takes some assembly on our end and will be shipped out within 1-2 weeks.
  • Any stickers, figures, pins, or plushies ordered with the Mystery box will be shipped with your Mystery box.

Along with Mystery Box 3, we'll have two new enamel pins available on September 13th @ 10 am MDT.


These will sell out quickly and won't be re-stocked so don't wait!!!

-Dragons and Beasties