Heartails "Obsidian" Vinyl Figures

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Type: Figure
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Legend says that Heartails are one soul born as two. They wander the world seeking their other half and settle where they meet. When their tails come together, the heart that forms tells one and all that two have become one again.

Contains 2 Vinyl figurines

  • Figures can be displayed separately 
  • Left Dragon is roughly 4" high
  • Right Dragon is roughly 3.25" high
  • Together, they are roughly 4.5" wide and 3.5" deep
  • Each figure weighs roughly 3 oz
  • Imported

We do not guarantee against shelf wear or minor damage to packaging during shipping. Also, some figures show minor paint and packaging imperfections. We do not consider these as defects, so they cannot be returned due to these imperfections. Please contact us at db@dragonsandbeasties.com if you have major defects and be sure to send a picture and your order number.

Product photography by NijiToys