It's almost time to get toasty with these tasty beasties. Check out what is coming out of the oven next week!

Coming November 1st @ 10 am MDT

Series 1

Price: $12

First, let's take a look at the Original 10. Series 1 introduces Aurora, Biscuit, Dash, Ember, Hugo, Kit, Midnight, Nova, Pounce, & Sadie! These fun loving hoodiez friends look super adorable!

Series 2

Price: $12

Next, let's look at Series 2. These were all the characters that were unlocked during our Kickstarter! We have Bats, Frostfire Ember, Jellybean, Leopold, Nacho, Quill, Saber, Swift, Willow & Zen. These fashion forward cuties are showing their love for hoodiez!


Starting November 8th

Our new monthly merchandise will be available on Redbubble instead of our website. We will also bring back a large portion of our past popular designs throughout November with the goal of having our Redbubble shop fully stocked for Black Friday. Moving our merch to Red Bubble does come with a few changes.

Firstly, Redbubble ships internationally so our customers across the world will finally have access to our merch.

Secondly, while there are some products that Redbubble doesn't offer, they do offer a few more things that we haven't been able to offer like drawstring backpacks, button pins and we'll also have shirts available again.

Products to be Discontinued:

  • 15 oz Accent Mugs. Redbubble does offer 11-12 oz plain white mugs.
  • Black Mugs.
  • Google Phone Cases. Redbubble only offers iPhone and Samsung cases.
  • Zipper Wallets.
  • Travel Mugs.
  • Wrapping Paper.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes but Redbubble just allows us to put more of Becca's art on more stuff and get it to more people. Redbubble also has frequent sales and we still make full price margins from their sales. So we think its a win win for everybody.

Please keep in mind that any Redbubble order issues will need to be handled through their excellent customer service.

With this change we have also decided to end the exclusivity of our monthly releases after October. While you can expect that new designs added to Redbubble will be around for awhile, we will still periodically remove underselling designs. So don't wait too long before you get your favorite dragon merch.

We will still be releasing our monthly sticker packs on our website. Keep in mind these sticker packs are higher quality than the Redbubble stickers and are still limited in quantity.

Look for Pumpkin Stacker and more Autumn Vibes merch on Redbubble on November 1st and look for a whole lot more for Black Friday.

Clarifying Merch and Collectibles

To clear up any confusion about what is going to be on Redbubble versus what will be available on our website, please see the information below.

Collectibles on our website are the items we manufacture that we have on hand and ship from our warehouse. This includes vinyl figures, enamel pins, plushies, sticker packs, sticker books, diamond paintings, keychains, ornaments, and Mystery Boxes.

Merchandise on Redbubble is created at the time of purchase and shipped by Redbubble. This includes but is not limited to shirts, desk mats, mouse pads, mugs, tote bags, notebooks, blankets, phone cases, and much more.

Best of luck in the handmade sales and we'll see you on Wednesday!

-Dragons and Beasties