Gem Dragon Series 2 Mystery Vinyl Figure


Gem Dragons are collectors of all things shiny and bright! They hoard sparkly stones and gems, and could be convinced to share—if you ask nicely.

  • 1 Mystery Vinyl figurine (1 of 10 different Gem Dragons)
  • Roughly 3" high
  • Imported
  • No refunds for duplicate dragons

Please Note: These were numbered on the bottom for the purposes of randomization but are still picked blindly by our warehouse and duplicates are still a possibility.

We do not guarantee against shelf wear or minor damage to packaging during shipping. Also some figures show minor paint and packaging imperfections. We do not consider these as defects, so they cannot be returned due to these imperfections. Please contact us at if you have major defects and be sure to send a picture and your order number.

Item weight: 0.16 lb