Sadie & Quill Enamel Pins

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Type: Enamel Pin
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Close your eyes, make a wish. Maybe Sadie will grant it. As a Wish Dragon, Sadie loves to find out what people need and make it happen. When you toss a coin in a well, this sweet dragon will write your name on it to remember what you asked for - and maybe help you out.

Gryphons are known for their love of the sky, but Quill loves the land more! This nature gryphon shades young plants from the sun with her wings. When she's tired, she just plops down in a tree for a nap and lets nature shade her for once!

  • Contains 2 x 1.5" Soft Enamel Pins with a smooth epoxy coating
  • Black Nickel metal
  • Double post rubber clutch pin backing
  • Imported

Product photography by NijiToys