Important International Shipping Update for Zen Deluxe Plush

Important International Shipping Update for Zen Deluxe Plush

Zen Deluxe Plush IS available to ship internationally but we wanted to give our customers outside the US a heads up on potential shipping issues related to the Zen Deluxe Plush. Please read the information carefully below to ensure you are able to check out during the Black Friday sale.

Here are a few facts to consider:

  • This Zen plush is massive. He weighs in at 26 oz and is roughly 30" long. This is the biggest thing we've done and with big products comes bigger boxes which add shipping weight.
  • We have a hard limit of 64 oz for First Class International packages. This limit is set by USPS and we can't control it or change it.
  • International shipping is very expensive for both the customer and shipper. We are offering $15 off orders over $75. This roughly equates to 50% off shipping in most cases.

Since he is so big, this can make getting multiple Zen Plushies in the same order to save on shipping costs difficult. You can order exactly two Zen Plushies in the same order but you will not have enough weight to order anything else.

If your order is too heavy (over 64 oz), you will get an error at checkout saying that we can't ship to your address. Keep this in mind if you are making a large order. You can fix this by removing some of the items until you are under that weight.

We want Zen to go to as many homes as possible and we understand the struggles of ordering internationally, but many of the pain points here are regrettably outside our control.

Thanks for your understanding,

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