Swift Kickstarter Update/FAQs

Swift Kickstarter Update/FAQs

We are so excited to announce and start work on Swift, but we need your help to make this happen!  It is our hope that Kickstarter will give us the chance to make this high quality resin statue come to life. 

How does Kickstarter work?
Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing online crowd funding platform used to help turn creative vision into reality.  There will be a monetary goal clearly stated that needs to be reached in order for our statue to begin production.  If our goal is reached, the campaign will be funded.  All 'backers' (those who contributed any monetary value to the campaign) will be charged at the end of the campaign, not when the funding goal is met.

When will the Kickstarter go live?
We are planning to launch the Kickstarter by September 8th, and will run for 30 days.  Funds would be collected around October 8th, only if the funding goal is met.

How much will it cost?
There will be a limited number of statues to pledge at an 'early bird' cost of $159.  Once the limited pledges are gone, the price will go up to $189, so don't wait!

We understand that not all our fans will be participating in the higher pledge amounts, but if you would still like to support this project and help it come to life, there will also be a $5 contribution pledge option.  This also comes with access to the pledge manager (details below).

Any chance Swift will be ready for the 2020 holiday season?

  • There is absolutely no way to produce this quickly enough for this upcoming holiday season.


Additional Questions/Answers
What are the dimensions and weight of the statue?

  • Swift will be a resin statue, measuring 8" tall, 4.5" wide and 4" deep).  Final weight is to be determined.

How sturdy is the statue?

  • The base is flat and stable, but we may look into added weight in the base to ensure additional stability.

Will there be other variant colors of this statue?

  • No, we will only be offering the statue in the color shown.

Will there be stretch goals?

  • Yes, we plan to offer stretch funding goals if we surpass our initial goal.

When will Swift be completed/shipped?

  • We are expecting Swift to be completed and shipped out by third quarter, 2021.  We are hopeful for a quicker turn around time and will update the Kickstarter page with any new information we have regularly.

    Can I buy Swift later on if I can't purchase now?

    • If you want to purchase the statue, but won't have the proper funds by the time the project campaign ends, we would advise backing at the $5 pledge level.  This will grant you access to the Pledge Manager tool, allowing you to change your pledge amount after the project is funded.  Roughly 1-2 months after the campaign has ended, before we start final production, you will have a chance to increase your pledge amount to pre-order Swift for $189.  Although Pledge Manager will cut off pledge changes after this time frame, it will remain open until production is complete for changing any personal information such as shipping address, etc.

    Can I purchase more than one statue?

    • Yes, you can buy more through Pledge Manager after the campaign is over.

    When will my money be collected?

    • Pledges will be collected at the end of the campaign, if the funding goal is met.

    How much will shipping cost and is it included in the price?

    • Shipping is not calculated into the price of the statue and will be charged separately once it is ready to ship (estimated Q3 2021).  We are unsure at this time what that pricing will look like, but we're trying to keep these prices as low as possible.

    Will international shipping be available?

    • We will be able to provide US, CA, UK, EU, and AU friendly shipping to lower the cost of shipping and eliminate customs charges for those countries.

    Is this the only production run of Swift?

    • At this moment, we are not planning on doing another run of Swift.

    How often will there be updates during the Kickstarter project?

    • We will post updates when major milestones have been reached or when we simply have something fun to share.  Due to the nature of figure production, some steps take a few months, so updates may become less frequent in those times, but we will try to at least update monthly.
    • We will also update the Kickstarter page with more questions and answers as they roll in.

    Thank you everyone for helping us turn this dream into a reality!



    Common Kickstarter Terminology

    • Campaign - This term is just another word for project, used often in the Kickstarter world.
    • Backer - Anyone who contributes any monetary amount to the project, is called a 'backer'.
    • Pledge - Pledges are the tiers of pricing options listed on the Kickstarter campaign page ($5/$159/$189).
    • Rewards - Rewards are any additional items, aside from the statue, included in certain pledge tiers, or can also indicate stretch goals reached.
    • Stretch Goals - Additional rewards not promised in any pledge tier, added on once higher funding goals are reached.