Spark & Series 1 Shipping Update

Spark & Series 1 Shipping Update

We sent out a newsletter about this last week but realize that may not have reached everybody affected by this. We wanted to give everybody a heads up for a major shipping problem that has occurred on our end. We as a company value transparency and honesty when it comes to our customers and we know that many people are trying to line up their holiday shopping. We try to do our best but sometimes things happen. We'd also like to remind everybody that we are not Amazon. We are a small family-owned/run company of 4 people with a very small warehouse staff that also fulfills and ships out orders for other companies. We do our best to get all our orders shipped promptly and correctly and it really pains us to bring this disappointing news to you all.

What Happened?
Our shipment was in the city, ready to be delivered to the warehouse so we went ahead with selling these figures assuming it would be a day until they were in the warehouse and ready to go. A one day delay turned into two and as we were busy getting ready for Designer Con, it turned into three. While we were at the show, we were informed that our shipment had been flagged for a major customs inspection. We didn't know this could even happen at this stage of delivery so this is yet another learning experience as we continue to grow.

The good news is that we received word this morning that the container has been released. As soon as they pack it back up and gets to our warehouse, we'll be able to start shipping out orders which should be tomorrow. Becca and Mr. Beastie are flying down to the warehouse to help ship these orders personally and get them sent out as quickly and accurately as possible.

We would like to make it clear that customs was just doing their job and we do not want any animosity or anger sent their way. If you are frustrated, as we are, just send us an email.

We do sincerely apologize if this has caused a special gift to be missed. It is all really unfortunate timing and we are just as frustrated as you. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us at


Thank you

-Dragons and Beasties