Roll for a Cause (Custom Dice Dragons for Charity)

Roll for a Cause (Custom Dice Dragons for Charity)

Roll for a Cause (Custom Dice Dragons for Charity)

We are very proud to present: Roll for a Cause. We reached out to some of our favorite artists with a challenge; create a custom dice dragon using our collectible vinyl Dice Dragon figure as a base. These will be sold/raffled off for a good cause supporting both charity and the original artist.

View them all here:

Between November 21-24, you can purchase raffle tickets on our website with each ticket increasing your chance of winning. Each dragon will have a listing on our website and there is no limit to the amount of support you can give. 50% of the proceeds will go to the artist's chosen charity, the other 50% to the artist for their appreciated participation with this cause. 

These will also be on display at our booth (#734) at Designer Con 2019 in Anaheim, California, where you can come check them out in person**. You can also purchase raffle tickets at the booth. (**Must purchase a ticket to Designer Con to gain access to the show)

Below are the featured artists involved, along with their selected charities and some thoughts from Becca and Matt (Becca’s Husband/Mr. Beastie). We encourage you to check out what these incredibly talented artists can do in addition to their finished dragons below.

Look for #dbrollforacause on social media

Alvia (@alviaalcedo,
Charity: Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research
The exceptionally skilled Alvia is one of my absolute favorite dragon artists. For many years I have admired her vibrant, elegant colored pencil art and hand painted stone pendants. Her work is immediately recognizable and unique, and I am truly honored to have her paint one of my dragons.

GumiPoni (Bryn Courey) (@gumiponi,
Charity: Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research
What do I say about Bryn? She makes adorable resin ponies and various beasties. She is a great big nerd, with a delightfully quirky sense of humor, and just a touch of mad genius thrown in. She’s an artist I’ve both followed for years and become close friends with. She is endlessly clever and I know she’s gonna do something just bananas with the free rein I’ve given her on this dragon!


Neal Coleman (@verdantsculpts,
Charity: Dogwood Alliance
Neal is an incredibly talented sculptor who I’ve followed since the beginning of DB. He has been endlessly supportive of me and has been so open with advice and sculpting tips. Neal is a great teacher, having made wonderfully helpful books and tutorials to help fellow sculptors on their clay journey. He is also an extremely talented figure painter, so its a true treat for him to take the time to paint one of my dragons!

Monster Kookies // Sweethart Baking Experiement (Kimberly Hart) (@kookienomz,
Charity: Hunter Costello Memorial Fun-Dation
Kim (often referred to as Kookie) is someone I have long admired. From the very beginning of forming DB (over 9 years ago!) Kookie’s sculptures inspired me to really make this business work, like she had with hers! Kookie rarely sculpts these days, but shows off her mad skills through cookie decorating, which she is insanely talented at also! (The cookies are also delicious!) Kim has become a good friend over the years. She’s endlessly creative and giving, and I’m delighted that she agreed to do this little side project!

Carla Morrow (@dragonladyart,
Charity: Books for Kids
I met Carla (also known as The Dragon Lady) at one of my very earliest conventions. I was so impressed with her beautiful watercolor dragon art, and we have followed each other’s art careers ever since! Her brain is like mine, just endlessly full of dragons waiting to be created! She has an incredible talent for painting, so I am very excited to see her translate that onto a 3D dragon!

Bianca RS (@artofbianca)
Charity: Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research
Bianca is an artist I just recently discovered. I immediately fell in love with her adorable illustrations and paintings and after talking to her for a bit we quickly became friends. Bianca puts all her heart and bubbly personality into her work, and though you’re never quite sure what to expect from her next, it never disappoints!

WkdWest | Wicked West (@WkdWest)
Charity: Environmental Defense Fund
I discovered Brenda streaming on Twitch, and was immediately taken with her sassy little mushroom species called “funguise”. She is a very talented painter and entertainer alike, with a big heart and a “slight” obsession with mushrooms. She’s constantly creating, and I have loved following her journey. I know she’ll come up with something truly unique for this dragon, though I expect it will be covered in mushrooms, and I’m ok with that!

‘Pren’ Jillian (@prendoriancrab)
Charity: The Trevor Project
I randomly discovered Pren on Twitch streaming a little over a year ago. I was instantly delighted with her personalty and creativity. Pren is an interesting duck. She’s sweet, quirky, and leans either towards the beautiful or the bizarre in her work. She is endlessly entertaining, and dabbles in many forms of art. We have become good friends over the past year, and I’ve loved seeing what she’ll come up with next! I have no idea what to expect from her on this dragon, and that’s part of the fun!

Edward Crane (@edccrane)
Charity: Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research
Ed has modeled an awesome large Dice Dragon Statue for us that will be on display at Designer Con. Ed works as a character artist at Blizzard and worked with me on Brutality the Board Game. He does some amazing miniature paints that you can see on his Instagram.

Christina Cooper (@cccustomspop)
Charity (100% of the proceeds): Organization for Autism Research
Christina is a local pop vinyl enthusiast and customizer, who also runs the podcast GeekTogether, with her husband. She’s super sweet, and full of geek pride. She’ll be at  Dcon as an attendee, because another hobby of hers is convention chasing! Her customs are beautifully done, so I’m very excited to see what she comes up with!

Look for #dbrollforacause on social media. We'll be posting more updates as we get closer to this event.

-Dragons and Beasties

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