Ever since we started releasing vinyl figures and enamel pins, our goal has been to create figures and pieces of art that you want to collect. Many of these are common and available multiple times and some things are rare and only available once. Many of you have asked us for a list of all the things we have released so you can complete your collection. Heather has been working hard to bring these checklists to everybody. Check the links below for our most up-to-date list of our available vinyl figures and enamel pins. We will be updating these as we release or retire items.


LINK: Vinyl Figure Checklist

LINK: Enamel Pin Checklist


New Release versus Restock Philosophy

We have gotten a lot of questions recently about restocking various items. We wanted to speak to our thoughts on this a little bit. There are some classic figures and color schemes that we want to keep in stock, or at least have multiple runs, to make sure that our fans and collectors can get their hands on them. Our first vinyl dice dragon, Nova, was one of those items that we have restocked multiple times. We also value adding new figures and color variants. Some of these we release as a full-scale launch like Tempest, while others are rare releases like the Frostfire Ember variant that was in the 2019 Holiday Mystery Bag. Ultimately, we want to have a wide variety of common and rare items for people to collect.

Now when it comes to whether we restock a given variant or figure, in most cases, we prefer to make new things over restocking previous items. We can’t always predict the demand correctly and we can always make another run of an item but that usually comes at the cost of a new figure or variant. We can only work on so many things at once and we must plan months in advance to keep a consistent schedule of releases.


Retired Items

You can see in our checklists that some items have been retired. An item might be retired because it didn’t meet our expectations for sales even if it might have a loyal fan base for that character. This type of item isn’t likely to ever be restocked. In the case of Nova, he has been available for quite a while now and it’s time for him to retire. Our current stock of Nova will be our last for quite some time. Just because something has been retired, doesn’t mean that we will never make them again. We can always bring something out of retirement down the road and make another run but once retired, there is no guarantee that it’ll come back.  At the end of the day, if you are a collector, you should make sure you get the collectibles you want when they are available because they may only be around for one run. We do have some pins and figures planned for restock this year like the Moonlight Heartail Figures and both Kit and Monty enamel pins.


Blaze Plush Restock

Many of you have also asked if Blaze will be restocked. We would love to but the factory we worked with to produce our first four plushies has since closed. We have been working with a new factory to produce plushies up to our standards and we are hoping to have a new plush and a Blaze restock later this year, but we can’t guarantee anything plush related at this time.


Trading Groups

If you are looking for something specific, you can find fans looking for trades in our trading group on Facebook and a trading channel on our Discord. These channels are there specifically to help find people trading Dragons and Beasties collectibles only and not for selling re-painted figures or other random merchandise.


If there is ever anything you'd like to see re-stocked, just let us know. It may not happen immediately but knowing people want something helps us decide whether or not to bring it back.