Black Friday Sale Announcement

Black Friday Sale Announcement

This season Dragons and Beasties is running a SITEWIDE Black Friday Sale that is larger and sweeter than ever before! We welcome the DB fanclub and family to join us this holiday season in collecting your favorite characters and gifts for your friends and family. This sale begins November 25th and will run through November 28. Make sure to save the date!

Here are some gifts and goodies we are most excited to share with you:

Introducing Zen!

Zen, the loyal, book-loving rainbow dragon will happily guard your treasure trove while you’re away, soaking in the knowledge of each beautiful story on the shelf. He rarely leaves his post, but when you return, he’ll happily curl up on your shoulder to read alongside or take a well-deserved nap at your side.


  • Zen is our largest plushy and perfect for snuggling up with!
  • Get Zen at his cheapest possible price!


Desk Calendar for the new year!

Save the date, keep track of your time, make your holiday plans, and do all of the above whilst looking at your favorite Dragons and Beasties characters! This desk calendar is compact, playful, and the perfect addition to your home office or school desk. 


Personalize your favorite products with Enamel Pins!


This is a dragon version of the ox zodiac, representing the year of the ox. It is the second of the twelve zodiac animals to be released over time. As the strongest animal sign, this helpful ox boasts a mighty and persistent exterior, but inside his chest lies a teddy bear’s heart of gold.



You can keep your fancy cat beds and your plush abodes. Fitz finds perfection in the cardboard domiciles known as 'boxes'. Big box? Check. Medium box? Of course. Shoe box? Well, maybe, with some wiggling. But as long as he is Fitz, he will sits!



Morwley loves all things spooky and sets the Jack o' Lanterns a'glowing as he walks. But 'ware the light of the moon on a Halloween night when you hear the meowl of a transformation. This Dracaton is a werecaton, and changes shape just one night a year—the perfect night, for a bigger tummy means more candy can be eaten!



Pounce is a loyal companion for any gamer, ready, willing, and able to help keep their dice safe until they're ready to make that saving roll. He loves a good adventure and while he can't help fight those ogres directly or stop a wizard from throwing a fireball at every problem, he can keep any gamer's most valuable weapon, their die, within reach at all times.


Get ready for the holidays!

Frost & Flurry Fleece Blanket

Fluffy and warm - this high quality cozy sherpa fleece blanket is impossible to leave behind, wherever one might go. Two sizes to choose from offers the perfect companion for your needs, whether it's snuggling on the couch, by the fireplace or at outdoor events. With a dreamy winter design, this fleece will complete your holiday experience!


Holiday Stickers

Holiday stickers bring your favorite items to life. Including small leaves and snowflakes to accentuate your laptop, travel water bottle, notebooks, and MORE! This holiday sticker sheet will remind you of the joyful fun the winter season brings. 


  • Multi-purpose sticky backing allows these weather-resistant stickers to be placed on most surfaces. 
  • Each sticker will have a 1/8" white border.
  • Several stickers per sheet, most ranging from 2" - 3" in size. Smallest stickers (leaves and snowflakes) measure under 1".


    Holiday Dragon Mug
    There's never too much coffee! Bigger size, durable ceramic mug, with several accented color options to choose from. High quality sublimation printing makes it an appreciated gift to every true coffee or tea lover, who always asks for a refill. Graphic features a mischievous, Christmas-loving dragon that–– oh no! The tree lights are gone!



    Wrapping Paper

    Featuring sweet gingerbread beasties of all kinds, this holiday wrapping paper will ensure your gifts stand out below the tree! Wrap gifts in style for the ones you love in this high quality, edge-to-edge printed wrapping paper.  Printed on premium gloss paper (90 GSM) for a smooth and clean look. 

    Join Us for our Largest Sale of the Year!

    Our shop holds all of the friendly dragon gifts you desire, start your journey and join us this holiday season!