2020 Sneak Preview

2020 Sneak Preview

Last Year
This was the year we were finally able to complete a lot of products, some of which we'd been working on for the past couple of years. The Series 1 figures were the second thing we worked on after the original dice dragon figure. We had some stumbles with product shipments and have found that it's best if we don't sell products before we have them inside our warehouse, too many things can go wrong with shipments. At some point this year, we want to put together a blog post talking about our trials and the process of making vinyl figures. Let us know if that's something you'd find interesting in the comments below. We also made it out to Designer Con in Anaheim and met some of you wonderful people.

Looking ahead to 2020, we are very happy to show you a few of the products we have in store. These aren't necessarily in chronological order and this isn't everything that we are releasing. Also note that as with everything we do, we make them as quickly as we can but we don't release them until we are happy with them so take the release windows as our best guess.

New Warehouse/Shipping changes
We have moved our fulfillment to a new facility and company and were able to get some of our temporarily out of stock items back in stock.

Just so everybody is aware, USPS shipping rates went up in January which causes us to increase our shipping costs but we also have worked hard to tweak our shipping calculations to make them as accurate as possible. We've updated some of our shipping policies that you can see here.

Handmade Sculptures
Becca will still make and sell handmade sculptures but these will be sold exclusively on eBay. We started making vinyl figures so that everybody can have an affordable dragon so naturally we just have less time for the regular sculptures but we've budgeted more time for these to happen this year. But since we spend time making vinyl figures, that has taken the place of the smaller figures that have gone up for sale on our website in the past. We'll continue to send out newsletters when new sculptures go up for sale.

10-Year Anniversary (March)
We will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this March. Established in March of 2010, Dragons and Beasties was forged by Becca Golins and has now grown into a full company of 4 humans. This year we'll celebrate by having a special enamel pin available (while supplies last) to those that order the new special anniversary figure, Rosa. We'll have more info on this in the coming weeks.

Swift Resin Statue Kickstarter (Mid-February)
Launching this month, we will be launching our first Kickstarter to create the elemental air dragon, Swift in a glorious 8" resin statue to be created by Happy Worker (maker of many awesome statues for Blizzard!). This is going to be a big awesome statue!!! While we don't have the final price, our current estimate is going to be somewhere between $150-$200. We are going to be able to offer friendly shipping to Canada, Australia, UK, and the EU to ship from within those countries to eliminate customs charges and have reasonable shipping for everybody.  Currently scheduled to start Mid-February and go through Mid-March, if the kickstarter is successful we are hoping to ship for Holiday 2020 but that timeline assumes there are no delays so it is more likely a Q1 shipment. Stay Tuned for more details in the next few weeks. We will blast social media, newsletter, and all our channels promoting this so everybody knows this is coming.

Kit (August)
The next Dragons with Friends vinyl is Kit with her fox friend! Hot off the press, Kit will be one of the next figures to go into production.

New Dice Dragon Figure (August)
This guy is still in the works and we hope to release him in August

Beastie Box (September)
Here is a concept of the next blind box. Presenting the Beastie Box! Likely released this Fall.

Dragon Con 2020
It was a blast getting to meet fans and friends, both old and new at Designer Con in November so this year, we are going to try to make it to Dragon Con in Atlanta in September. We are still waiting to hear if we've been accepted to make it official.

Upcoming Release Schedule Highlights

These are just expected dates and are subject to change.

Feb 6th
Tempest, DeeBee, and Pigment back in stock

Feb 11th
Plushies back in stock

Mid-February - Mid-March
Kickstarter - Swift

Late March
Rosa Anniversary Figure

Early May
Heartails (Rainbow & Classic)

And much more to come.

Thanks for being awesome people! Feel free to let us know what you are most excited for in the comments below